Liv Boerre: A great poker player who loves playing poker

Liv Boerre is very cute n adorable women player of poker. She is very sweet she has very cute smile and she is the good player of player.

She has started playing from her second year of college and she has been played with her friends at starting level. Day by day her interest is going on increases then she started to play professionally. Now she is semi-professional player of poker. She can play better. She is very smart player of poker. She was best in her academic too. She was playing for fun but now she has chosen this game as her profession.

She has played best in EPT in which she has won winning are $1.9 million. She has won 11cash prizes from this series and also she has gone through final table in this series. Also she has won 1 championship of EPT. Her second stand out performance was in WSOP in which she was won $111,330 in this series and she has won 15 cash prize in this series. She won’t able to win bracelet in this series but she will try to win in upcoming series. Her poor performance was in WPT and it was $40,855 and she won only 1 cash prize in this series.