Phil Ivey Loses Out On Ruling

Phil Ivey is a Poker Hall of Fame legend who has recently lost a ruling that has been issued by the Supreme Court, which is over an issue about baccarat sessions which are said to be tainted. He has been a bracelet winner ten times, but in the current legal dispute he has lost out about ten million in the winnings in total. The issue is about a ten million win, he had in London way back in 2012 which had occurred at Crockfords casino. Ivey is said to have used a technique known as edge sorting which is upheld as controversial. As a result, he gained an undue edge over the house in a baccarat session called Punto Banco. The casino sued the player two years after the incident. There had been a couple of court rulings prior to this whereby the player lost out. The high court had to decide whether Ivey duped the casino and was dishonest and that was something that the court ruled in favor of.


Ivey issued a statement, whereby he stated that he was hopeful that the UK Supreme Court would view the facts and was disappointed that the court had found him guilty. He states that the time when he played at Crockfords edge sorting was considered a legitimate technique. He states that this is not his personal views, but that it is one of the advance techniques that were used by most players. Ivey still maintains that the edge sorting technique he used was a legitimate way of beating the house. He blames incomprehension on the part of the UK judges as a result of which the result of the hearing was decided against him. Ivey states that he had used similar techniques in New Jersey as well.


At present, the Aussie Millions 2012 is in full swing with $ 10000 Main Event pulling in 153 poker players on Day 1A, 187 poker pros on Day 1B and 317 poker players on Day 1C for a blended field of 657 players.

With a entire prize kitty of Australia $ 6.57 million and an calculated $ 1.314 million moving to the ultimate winner, the prestigious championship has drew some of the biggest poker pros. Main Event Day 3 checked two such popular names encounter as Phil Ivey, ‘The Tiger Woods of Poker’ faced-off against Shane Warne, the Australian spinner turned poker professional.

The 42 year-old Warne endorses 888 Poker to present them at poker championships across the world including the Aussie Millions as he had a contract with them. In this year’s championship, Ivey (85k) and Shane Warne (85300) involved in one of the most prominent deals on the day after Ivey was handled 8h-6h to Shane’s pocket

rockets. With 3 players in hand, the fizzle of Ah-Qh-Jh saw Phil head out for 5k, only to have Moussa arouse to 10500 with Shane calling at the back. After that, Ivey departed into the tank for a minute before re-arousing to 30000, and enforcing George out of the hand, but with Shane driving over the top spot for his continuing stack. With no support from the river or turn, Warne afterwards discovered himself cut down to only 300 chips and was doomed the very next hand. He later tweeted: “My aces got cracked by Phil ivy’s 8 6 of hearts Flop was A,K,J of hearts – both all in.. Bang – horror I should have folded Sorry”

“Shattered – played great all day – 15 mins to go after 13 hours to get my A’s cracked Goodnight & thanks again for your support x.” added Warne in another tweet.