Phil’s Legal Matters Resolved

Phil might have had a great win in the baccarat game he played in 2012 but it definitely has been keeping him on his toes till 2016.

There has been considerable debate on the strategies he used to win and the 9.6 million dollars that he accrued as a result. A federal judge ruled that Phil had breached certain conditions as per the casino contract he had entered into. There had been an accusation of fraud that was dispelled by the court ruling.

The game had been played by Phil and his partner at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa which is located in Atlantic City. However, as per certain conditions of the contract with the casino, there was violation found as per the strategies used by Phil to win the game.

The lawsuit was filed by the casino for the use of the edge sorting technique. The lawsuit stated that Ivey had flouted manufacturing laws applicable for playing cards during the four sessions when he played at the casino in 2012.even the card manufacturer was named as accused parties in the suit. The summaries submitted by Ivey and Sun, the card manufacturer, were accepted by the court, but the breach of contract claims was found to have ground as per the Borgata’s claims. As per Borgata, Phil has used an edge sorting technique which gave him and his partner an unfair advantage. Phil is no new player in this field, having ten bracelet wins of World Series of Poker under him.  When the Borgata filed the lawsuit against Phil in 2014, he responded with a counter suit stating that the lawsuit had been filed against him in a frivolous manner and they even destroyed the deck of cards that they had used in the game which would have been his defense.