The best Poker Players of 2014

It’s been a long year and all poker fans around the world are enthusiastically waiting for the list that brings out the top players of this year.

This is not an easy task to do when it comes to judging the best players, but we did our best to give you the final result and here is the list of top 5 poker players.

The first name includes Philipp Gruissem, his total income for the year is $1.4m, lowest in past four years but still he tops the chart because he has found Raising for Effective Giving (REG), it’s a foundation that is trying to provide a change with his 2% of the gross wining in the lives of poker players and is almost like a charity.

The first runner up is Matt Stout, with his charity works he tops the chart after Philipp Gruissem. Like Gruissem he also believes in charity and in 2014 he started out Charity Series of Poker (CSOP), well it’s a non-profit organization that has been found to extend its support to Three Square Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity.

Noel Furlong a carpet manufacturer became successful poker player

Noel furlong is a very experienced but recreational poker player. His actual name is J. J. Furlong. Noel is his nickname because he was born on Christmas in 1997 at Dublin, Ireland.

Basically is a successful businessman owns his carpet distribution company. Furlong began playing poker in 1984 when he was 47 years old. His first trip to WSOP was in 1989 where he finished at 6th place in the event and cashed $52,850. After ten years he came in the WSOP on 1999 main event in which he won $one million. That was his first WSOP bracelet and it was his best live cash.

Before 2005 he was the top money wining Irish poker played in the World but time twisted when Andy black’s finished at 5th place in 2005 WSOP main event. After that he ranked at sixth place on the Irish poker tournaments money wining list. He is also the winner of Irish poker open, the longest running tournament in Europe in 1987 and again in 1989. This tournament began in 1980. Furlong is one of the five players to have won this tournament twice. He was also requested to be the member of “the eccentric club”

On June 2006 in Boylepoker Irish poker tour, grand finale in Dublin; he finished the final table at first place and cashed $12,859. He last played on April 2011 in Irish open, Dublin where he finished at 32nd place and cashed $13,580. In recent years has not travelled much to play poker. But he is concentrating on to his carpet manufacturing business and his hobbies. His favorite activity is to buy and train the horses. He plays poker occasionally in tour in Ireland and United Kingdom. His total live earning is $1,145,806. He achieved 10th rank in Ireland all time money list. And his all time money list best rank is 52nd. Furlong is perfectly content with his spot in poker history.

Alexandre Gomes Resume depicts more wins in the Offing

Brazil is a hub to numerous football professionals who are globally-feted, in poker though they have not produced as many stars, they have Alexandre Gomes who has clinched the World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

He is among the top-notch players from his country who have navigated the stormy casinos to rise into prominence. His performance juxtaposes with his fellow countrymen who have domineering potency in football. Interestingly, his earnings are not squeezed out of the live tournaments solely but also from the online poker events. Weighing his enviable resume, one cannot deny he is Brazil’s poker flagship. Nevertheless, in terms of earnings, he leads in the all time money list for Brazilians hitherto.

Gomes was the first Brazilian to win the WSOP gold bracelet by outlasting a field of 2,317 entrants in 2008 $2,000 NLHE Main Event to rake in $770,540. He also played at the World Poker Tour where he bested a pool of 267 entrants to clinch the Bellagio Cup 5 that saw him take home a whacking sum of $1,187,670. He has also played in the 2009 European Poker Tour Caribbean Adventure, he final tabled to walk away with a sum of $750,000. Gomes plays widely at high-profile poker tournaments, though he has not clenched a trophy of late, he is still ventures in top-notch poker platforms where he has achieved impeccably. The jury is still out to determine if he is still the best Brazilian in poker, but one cannot not dispute he is a top-notch.

As of 2012, his overall live tournaments were beyond $3,400,000. As a first-rate poker professional, he is a footprint for his countrymen who have remained eclipsed by their North American counterparts for years. His scores are apt for those players who are struggling to gain ground at the nascent stages of their careers.