GVC Poker Company Performance

We read about the online poker rooms run by PokerStars and bwin.party brands, but there is much that goes on behind the curtains as well.

For instance, you might think that both brands are competitors, but GVC is the company that owns these brands and they have announced that they would be passing out a dividend payout to the shareholders even though a payout was ruled out this year.

The firm released this news when a 10c per share as a special dividend was announced for the current financial year. It previously had declared that the company would be taking a dividend holiday this year as per the Cerberus loan terms that it is under. The good news is that the company is ready to pay off the loan by the beginning of February in the next year. As a result, it would be in a position to make the dividend payout as it would be taking on a Nomura debt instrument that would lighten its burden. Not only has GVC announced that it would be making the dividend payout in February but there are other beneficial changes being introduced as well.

Delaware Sees Record Earnings

Delaware has seen record highs in a collection of online poker revenue and there is hope for more improvement as well.

The online economy for poker in this state reached a record breaking high in July. The summer months are usually less lucrative for online gaming sites, but the three sites owned by the Diamond state earned a lot of profits that was cumulative of the amount $281,000. The total dollars that were wagered amounted to 6.6 million in total.

Even though the state recorded high level earnings in the iGaming sector in the month of July, if you look at the comparative performance it is still disappointing. There has definitely been an increase as per the same period in 2015 as well as over July 2014. The main earners have been revenue in video lottery where the total earnings have been about $161,000 and poker has led to earnings amounting to $33,000.

Among the iGaming entities in the state poker lags behind other categories. Though the earnings in every category have gone up there was more expedited at the time when the online gaming regulations came into vogue in the Delaware State in 2012.

Kenny Hicks grabs Sunday million

There was a well known figure at the top of the results page of PokerStars Sunday Million this weekend, as Kenny Hicks survived a tough pack of 5727 to get his hands a 6 figure prize.

Hicks came out victorious in the early times of Monday, doing so with US$ 133405.67 to show for his win. His prize might have been more significant, but a contract was attained with 4 players remaining in US$ 215 buy-in tournament.
The contract involved, in the order they were did away with, “slayertompa” of Sweden ($100,420.20), “JanekJorgman” of Norway ($135,141.73), and “_m0ney2_89″ of Russia ($97,384.80). Astonishingly, Hicks went on to end the 2nd in the Sunday start on PokerStars for an extra US$ 21612 to make it an even more thrilling weekend for him.
“XingsMaster”  of Germany also had a gfeat Sunday thanks to pulling down the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars for a magnificent US$ 74828.91, while “StackedOff” of Canada secured a US$ 39217.50 payday by winning Sunday Rebuy.

WPT Montreal Main Event Day 1A: Brian Altman leads

On Friday, the World Poker Tour landed in Canada again.

On a wet fall day, poker pros sought refuge inside Playground Poker Club for partypoker.net WPT Montreal 2015 to try their chance on Friday the thirteenth.
Situated in Kahnawake, Quebec, across St. Lawrence River from historic and beautiful Montreal, the Playground Poker Club is a real world-class facility fitted to arrange a world-class tour. Along with the buy-in set at US$ 3850, 127 poker pros purchased a beginning stack of 30000 in chips to attempt to make a stack worthy of the second day. Just forty-five players could to do so, and they counted and pocketed their chips after ten one-hour levels of play.

Global Poker Index: Seiver, Urbanovich on top in Global Poker Index

Global Poker Index each week publishes top 300 poker players’ list playing in tournaments and the criteria for selection is based on six half year periods of player’s result. Top performers too get ranked by GPI and it is based on the calculation method of USA Today Global Poker Index and it considers two six-month periods of each player.

The 2015 GPI Player of the Year list is head by Dzmitry Urbanovch with a GPI score of 2900.87 and followed by Ivan Luca with 2662.47 and Joe Kuether snatching the third place ranking with 2545.91. The No.1 ranking player Urbanovch manages to cling on to the top spot and for seventh consecutive week he is holding the first place. This has been possible for him with the points earned in the runner-up spot at European Poker Tour Grand Final €100K Super High Roller, where Erik Seidel took the top prize. It is also a good turn of events as other players with EPT Grand Final scores earnings are climbing up the POY leaderboard hard.

Scott Seiver had a phenomenal jump as he climbed to the fourth spot from No.2 after he reached the final table in the €50K Super High Roller and the €100K Super High Roller in Monaco; he then came up with another victory in the eight-handed €5,000 pot-limit Omaha side event.  This week also sees Thomas Muhehlocker joining the top 10 jumping to No.10 from a lowly No.16 spot and he also finished in the €100K SHR final table.

Joe Kuether a professional poker player from United States

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Total casino he has won till today is $3,838,272 in the entire poker tournaments he played. He is a player who has played well with good score at the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who has played at the WPT. He is a player who has won $618,738 cashes and 25 casino at the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who has won the title at the world series of poker tournament. A player cum teacher i.e. joe kuether, who not played at the European poke tournament. A dedicated and hardworking poker player.