Visser Takes Down EPT London Championship

The poker show continued the whole of last week with much of the activity taking place on Thursday and Saturday. The same week has witnessed curtain coming down on some of the most prestigious poker tournaments of the world. Last Saturday, all eyes were glued on the Victoria Casino in London United Kingdom where Ruben Visser emerged the victor at the European Poker Tour Event. This was not much of a surprise to many as the pro has been in the spotlight in the recent games winning most of the games some that entailed a huge amount of cash.

At the last stages of the event, the final men remaining battled it out noon UK local time. By that time, the winning hand was that of O’Dwyer who by than was holding 5.27 million in chips. He was by far the largest chip holder and the second day consecutively from the start of the day and was closely followed behind by Visser with 3.64 million in chips. Enjoying the third position was Haylund holding 2.755 million in chips and lastly Frank with 2.57 million in chips.

After a short period of play on the next day of event, only four players remained amongst all those that made it to the second day of the event. Amongst those who remained, it was Visser who took the lead after the elimination of his major competitor, Jorgensen bringing the final number of players to three. The remaining three players then settled on a deal for the cash prize. Visser who was now the chip gathered £455, 000. Haglund took £427, 564 and finally Visockis who took £377, 436. After that deal, an extra £140, 000 was kept aside for the champion. This plus the EPT trophy went to Visser who was the champion at the end of the events.

Phil Ivey- back and dominating

The poker and gambling industry has greatly been revolutionized by the invention of poker software. For somewhat reason, poker players seem to favor online games that live tournament and for various reasons. Although these games have been hit with fraud cases in some instances and legalization issues, most player have been making thousands and millions of dollars from these tournaments.

The online games too, have witnessed a major come back of various player who had either stopped playing online poker or those who were forced to by the closing of the full till company due to some cases it had of fraud. One of the player who has made his comeback an in a big way is Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey has finally made a comeback in his once dominating world of full till poker tournaments. As polarizing as he is known in the online games won an amount estimated to be about $750,000 on the full till software. This is according to tracking data from HighstakesDB. His career earnings on the software games is somewhere about $19 million. That was before the shutting down of Full Till. However he had been on a downswing for some time after the return of the software in last November.

Another huge winner on the software poker games is Alexandra Kostristyn. Also known as “postflopaction” in the online games and has made over $1.2 million. Victor Blom “isildur1’ is also a huge benefits of the online games with over a $5 million profit over the years although he was later forced to give half of it back.

On the other hand, the games have also witness some big losers who includes a poker player only known by his screen name “ Patpatpanda’ who has lost more than $1 million and Gus Hansen who is down by $3.7 since Full Till re-launch in November last year.

Ivey Acquires Leggo Poker Soon

At 6th Feb, Ivey announced that he has purchased the Leggo Poker. As the owner of the website, he has added few instructors for making the website more advanced. The plan would expand the database of experienced players at the website. According to Ivey, Leggo Poker can be taken as best education website over the web. The website will teach you how to become a winner even in bad situation. You can also check the basic rules for the poker game. The website is good for young as well as experienced poker players.

After a deep run at World Series of Poker tournament in 2009, Ivey discussed about the website Leggo Poker. It was an unexpected discussion by Ivey but he was serious about this thought. Ivey has made early announcement in October about acquisition of Leggo Poker website. He has proudly announced the decision in front of media. Finally he has completed his commitment. Now he is making a list of best players who can join the Leggo poker network. A large pool of experienced players will definitely attract a big audience.

The whole process would take approximately four months. He is planning to customize the web source according to his requirements. More videos and content will be added to the website. We will teach you how to make profit with best poker strategies? How to secure more money against popular poker faces? It would be a great job to make a proper plan and execute it accordingly. Tournaments will be held weekly or monthly with a big cash prize. You can also post your issues at the website.

There is no doubt that site will be definitely profitable for Ivey Poker. It would be the biggest and most identifiable name in Internet poker world soon. The site has great potential with excellent future scope.

Poker Profile – Nottingham

Nottingham the man of poker forms the country of United Kingdom. He is one of the players from the United Kingdom who is well known for his fame of poker in his country. This man has earning above millions which he earned using his poker proficiency. This smart and charming man started playing his poker games in his early ages. He had more eagerness towards the game by which he won his first victory in the year of 2003 when he was very young. Later after that victory he made numerous other victories of which till now he has won more than 7 first place victories in his poker game career. This man’s favorite place is Vegas. The astonishing thing to say about Nottingham is the consistency

Unlike the other players who would have the dips in their winning run, he has always been extraordinary escalating in his performance. This man of victory has always been in the way of success in his career which is one of the attribute to make as one among the leading poker player of the world. This man has very low earnings till the year 2009. In the year 2010 he started to drastically improve his career.

As a reflection of such victories he was able to get the cash prize of more than $8000000 to nearly $1000000 up to the year of 2012. This form the year of 2009 he had a very good progress from the year of 2009 to the year of 2012 which could be termed as his peaking period. This man has his hobbies even in the field of poker gaming by which could be able to gain such fame and success in such little span of time. He also likes to play football game bu recently because of his knee surgery he could unable to do it.

A Player of Amazing Dynamic Skills

A winner of 5 World Series of Poker Main Events, he was born in 1976 in California however his family went to the New Jersey even as he was very little  in age. He was growing in this new city that was filled by the numerous casinos and his family was also sure for not allowing him to become a hustler so he was cheated by his grandfather during educated him to play the 5 stud card poker at the early age. Even though, he was not downcast and started to play for the real money at the age of 16.

Phil Ivey has achieved his nickname as The Poker Tiger Woods of for his incredibility at poker tables. He is known for his amazing and dynamic skills that he utilized in the various tournaments and championships. On his thirtieth birthday, he had already captured the five WSOP bracelets and by his astonished winnings at the age of 23rd, he his first shootout in a Limit Pot Omaha Event.

Appreciation to Ivey brilliance in his playing modes and devastating antagonism at the tables of poker, he has fixed innumerable accolades of poker that include the reward of player of the year by Bluff Magazine. Notwithstanding his tournaments success, Phil Ivey has a preference to play for the high stake cash games in which he denominates more lucrative. He is constantly followed by a tumid range of poker beginners that love his annoyed outlook at the poker tables.

Phil Ivey stands on the fan favorite dimensions at the final tables of World Series of Poker of 2009 Main Event. He was worn-out with the Penn & Teller Theater on which he was observed so silent. But he has reserved a grand place in the poker history that always illuminates by his outstanding performances on the poker tables.

The Big Game Winner

He is a regular winner in “The big Game” at Las Vegas. By the age of 30, he was the owner of five WSOP bracelets. He is a good observer and very much focused during his play. Today he is taken as one of most popular faces in poker history. He knows how to play thoughtfully against skilled players. He is a tournament hero and best poker player on the planet. He is highly respected and appreciated by other poker players.

He was born on 1976 at California. He introduced himself to poker world at a very young age. He was playing with his grandmother when he was only eight years old. By the age of 16, he started playing poker for money. He was spending most of his time in local casinos. Things were not so simple for Phil Ivey. He has to struggle a lot to become a great player. There was a time when he was not able to afford is rent and electricity bills.

After few years, things were getting better for him. He met a girl and made a relationship with her. He was also playing poker continuously. At the age of 21, he was getting good scores and becoming popular in the poker world. At the age of 24, he won the jackpot. It was 2000 which was a golden year for Phil Ivey. He won the first bracelet in WSOP 2000 main event.

In 2002, he won three more bracelets in different games. In 2005, he won his fifth bracelet at the age of 30. This was the time when he was placed at 11th rank in the poker history. Now he has already become a legend. He said, I really word hard with poker to get best of it. You can also check his interviews and poker tips online.