Randy Holland

Randy Holland is recognized mainly by his companions to be around the top ten players on the planet in both Seven Card Hi-Lo Stud and Seven Card Stud. As a poker player Randy is shockingly lower about his capacity. He has conceded on numerous events that he doesn’t have any specific abilities. For example he has an incredible memory or an extraordinary capability to read his rivals.

Farzad Bonyadi

Farzad Bonyadi is an Iranian proficient poker player, conceived in 1958 in Teheran, Iran. In his poker profession Farzad Bonyadi has won three wristbands and is one of the best money diversion players in Los Angeles for a considerable length of time. Farzad Bonyadi’s ardour for poker was incited by his granddad in his early ages. He studied poker while viewing his granddad in addition to their relatives and neighbours host home amusements.

After the transformation in Iran, Farzad Bonyadi moved to Vienna where he set off for college and contemplated horticulture. After that he moved to the USA in 1983 and settled in Los Angeles. Instantly Farzad Bonyadi considered work, filling in as a suggestion player at a club. It was a critical experience for him, since he was ready to watch and study more about poker. Farzad Bonyadi played in USD 400-USD 800 and USD 600-USD 1,200 blended amusements for four years with any semblance of Freddy Deeb, Johnny Chan, David Oppenheim, Ted Forrest, Annie Duke,and Howard Lederer.

In 1997, Farzad Bonyadi made his first presence in the World Series of Poker. In the second occasion that he went to, Farzad Bonyadi had fortunes and won his first wristband in the USD 2,000 Limit Hold ’em occasion. His second armlet Farzad Bonyadi won in 1998, vanquishing a last table that incorporated Mimi Tran and John Cernuto on the path to a USD 429,940 first prize. In the same Wsop, Farzad Bonyadi additionally made the last table of the USD 1,500 seven card stud part occasion, and set in the cash in the USD 10,000 no restriction Hold’em primary occasion. At that point in 2005, Farzad Bonyadi joined the upper class gathering of players who have three arm ornaments and won a USD 2,500 No-Limit Hold ’em competition.

As a standout amongst the most renowned worldwide proficient poker players and an enormous name in the poker group Farzad Bonyadi`s all out live competition rewards surpass USD 2,400,000. In his leisure time Farzad Bonyadi gets a charge out of being with his family at home, so presently his outings to the clubhouse are uncommon. When he has the chance, he plays Internet poker to the extent that he can.

Imed Ben Mahmoud triumphs in European World Series

The leading occasion of the 2013 European World Series poker tournament, the Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em has been won by Imed Ben Mahmoud. The competition, which is currently in its sixth year, a week ago came back to the sunny resort of Cannes for the second year running and is situated to run from 21st August to 4th September.

The competition, which commenced yesterday, will comprise of over 40 competitions and side occasions, incorporating money amusements and high roller occasions. And also this, seven diverse official World Series gold arm ornaments will likewise be up for snatches. Mahmoud went into the third day of the occasion only sixth in chips out of the last eight players with Bonnet ahead of the pack (with more than a 350,000 chip advantage over Mahmoud).

Maria Ho hosting new poker reality show

Maria Ho is an amazing racer, participating in brand new TV show where she would bring exotic poker lifestyle to TV audience. Many players have tried to bring poker world in front of common audience. Few players were even successful in their objective. This is the time for Maria Ho to bring different lifestyle in front of audience to attract them for poker world. She is beautiful and amazing racer with incredible convincing skills. People love to watch reality shows these days. It is easy to attract them through TV reality shows. The condition is that lifestyle should be compelling and exciting. There is no doubt that poker lifestyle has both elements.

It is not possible for everyone to get attached with poker stuff but it is easy to relate yourself with the stuff that we are going to explain at the reality show. Here Maria Ho would explain how to maintain proper balance between poker lifestyle and other things. According to latest news, everyone believes that Maria ho’s new show will be exotic and different from past shows. She is researching over new project deeply. We are sure that she would be able to attract large pool of audience to poker lifestyle soon.

Maria Ho is also playing poker in his free time. She has earned more than $1.2 million during his entire poker career. She is playing poker for pleasure or to relax at the weekends. She is already familiar with poker basics and poker strategies. It would not be difficult for him to explain these basics in front of audience. The show will be started at the television soon. You can also check more details about the new television show online. This will be an exotic series that will be surely liked by the audience.

Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan originates from China and though he had been living in Hong Kong and then his family moved on to United States. This is where he and his family settled and be completed his education there. The future of Johnny Chan was cut out for him and he was to follow his father in his footsteps and join the family business. Though he was interested in the family business, he was more interested in the game of poker. He tried to spend as much time as possible playing poker and loved to learn more tricks of the game. He always preferred to play with professionals so that he could learn more about the game every time.

He was also interested in many outdoor sports and this is where he got his fitness from. When he was old enough to enter the casinos, he did not waste a moment and started playing cash games. Though he was continuing his education at the university, he knew that his future was with the game of poker. He could not complete his education and left it for the game of poker. He moved to Las Vegas to pursue his career in the field of poker and this was a milestone of a step to ensure that he gained the name and fame which he deserved.

Though the initial years in Las Vegas were full of struggle, he managed to turn the tables and make himself into a winning player in the field of poker. He kept on the leaning process and each game enhanced his experience in the game and gave him an upper hand against his opponents. He also learnt about the weaknesses of his opponents and this is where he would gain an advantage. From one game to another, he kept on improving and this was the reason why he managed to reach the top.

It’s Ivey vs. Dania

Ivey, the now familiar face in almost all the poker games around the world has done it again. This time he has done it with style at the world series of poker games. Being among the 32 day 1 survivors at the world series of  poker Asia event, Ivey was able to maintain his chip lead on the second day of paly at the Crown Casino of Wednesday 10th of April.  Well known for his stunning level of play around the tables, it was clear to all the poker fans watching the events of the day 2 that he would definitely make it to the final table if not emerging victorious.

Ivey was closely followed behind by his main competitor and best friend Dania Nagreanu who seemed to enjoy his second position as the largest card holder. Dania presence and threat he posed to his buddy created more anticipation as the audience eagerly awaited to see what would unfold if the two men met at the final table. The second place holder similarly had a reason to smile after eliminating some major player from the event making it an easy path to victory for his pal, Ivey.

Focus will be on the dual as they make it to the final table to battle it out for the bracelet.  If Dania wins, this will be his fifth bracelet although the odds seem high as he will be facing Ivey who will be looking to make his 9th win of the bracelet. While we could use the statistics to predict the outcome, we all know that in the game of poker, surprises are a usual thing. All the poker enthusiast and the media fraternity will have their eyes on the event to keep their readers updated as the battle between two friends takes place on the final tab le.