Alexandre Gomes Resume depicts more wins in the Offing

Brazil is a hub to numerous football professionals who are globally-feted, in poker though they have not produced as many stars, they have Alexandre Gomes who has clinched the World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

He is among the top-notch players from his country who have navigated the stormy casinos to rise into prominence. His performance juxtaposes with his fellow countrymen who have domineering potency in football. Interestingly, his earnings are not squeezed out of the live tournaments solely but also from the online poker events. Weighing his enviable resume, one cannot deny he is Brazil’s poker flagship. Nevertheless, in terms of earnings, he leads in the all time money list for Brazilians hitherto.

Gomes was the first Brazilian to win the WSOP gold bracelet by outlasting a field of 2,317 entrants in 2008 $2,000 NLHE Main Event to rake in $770,540. He also played at the World Poker Tour where he bested a pool of 267 entrants to clinch the Bellagio Cup 5 that saw him take home a whacking sum of $1,187,670. He has also played in the 2009 European Poker Tour Caribbean Adventure, he final tabled to walk away with a sum of $750,000. Gomes plays widely at high-profile poker tournaments, though he has not clenched a trophy of late, he is still ventures in top-notch poker platforms where he has achieved impeccably. The jury is still out to determine if he is still the best Brazilian in poker, but one cannot not dispute he is a top-notch.

As of 2012, his overall live tournaments were beyond $3,400,000. As a first-rate poker professional, he is a footprint for his countrymen who have remained eclipsed by their North American counterparts for years. His scores are apt for those players who are struggling to gain ground at the nascent stages of their careers.