Mimi Tran-Poker professional finished 17 money finishes

When you think of playing games, you should consider the game Poker. Poker is a game where you need to handle the cards in a different manner which can give you the victory on the other hand. Playing Poker is an interesting game, as it not only gives you the fame but also the cash prizes and also the long lasting fame of handling the bracelet in the history of Poker. Among professional players, Mimi is a notable person.

The player’s full name is Thithi “Mimi” Tran, who was born on July 5th 1960. The lady player is a Vietnamese-American poker professional. The lady player now resides at California. Though Mimi Tran is not successful in grabbing the WSOP bracelet or WPT title, she has however made 17 money finishes. It was by the year 2007; Mimi Tran has made her highest ITM main event finish. Mimi Tran was born in Vietnam. By the year 1982, Mimi Tran moved to Unites States of America, where she found herself the work in Electronics industry in the place of Silicon Valley.

An injury stopped her working:

It was by the year 1989, Mimi Tran turned playing the Poker game. An accident made her disabled and it stopped or prevented her from working further. The lady player has made several money finishes in various WSOP, whereby it includes two times 2nd places, 3rd place finish and also a 4th place too. Mimi Tran is a high stakes player specialised in it, whereby she is also the ex girl friend of Barry who is also a professional poker player. It was Barry who taught her playing the game Poker; she is familiar playing side games too. In the Inaugural National heads-Up Poker Championship, she was the very and also only female poker to engage in making the money.

Scotty Nguyen- A Brief History

There are many games being played in the world. When there is a game, it’s completely to entertain a person, and also to ease his stress. It’s much common that an individual wishes to play game or even turn playing the professional games. However, there are few professional games where the games are finely handled by the professional players only. One such game is the Poker, where Poker professionals can only handle the game using techniques.

Among Poker professionals, Scotty Nguyen is much known for the holding of his 5 bracelets in WSOP. Scotty Nguyen was born on October 28, 1962. He turned out to be a Vietnamese American professional Poker player. He has the fame of being the first and currently only player to win both of the WSOP main event and $50,000 Player’s Championship.

Successful player:
Scotty Nguyen turned winning his 5 bracelets in the years, 1 in each of these following years 1997, 1998 and in 2008 and 2 in 2001. He was given the nick name as the Train and also as The Prince of Poker. He was born in Vietnam and moved to Uncle Sam by the age of 14. He turned employing as the card dealer in Harrah’s Poker room. He described himself as a Fish, as he wanted to gamble regardless, even after losing the money.

He was completely fortunate when he was invited to Lake Tahoe to deal in a no-limit Hold’em tournament 1985. After making more World Poker Tour Final table, Nguyen eventually won a WPT event in 2006, where he defeated the player who was named as Michael Mizrachi in the heads-up battle in the 4th season. In 2008, he won the H.O.R.S.E event and then in 2009, he won the Inaugural LA Poker Classic.